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Basic trouble shooting 101

Power Cycling



What is “power Cycling?”

Short answer: turning it off and on again.


Long Answer: Electronic devices such as your router or radio are sensitive and often build up errors that cause a break down
in throughput when you turn the power off (for at least 15 seconds) you let all the static die down and the device to reset it self
back to a working order.  


How to power cycle your equipment.


Step 1 – Turn off your computer



Step 2 - Locate the Radio’s POE (Power over Ethernet)

This box supplies power to your radio (The box on the out side of your house) and is the first step in correction errors in the connection.


Click here for pictures of the equipment!



Step 3 - Locate the router's power supply

If you have a router (Click here to see a list) Leave it off for at least 15 seconds.
it should be a black round plug that looks different than the others.





Step 4 - Turn on your Computer


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